-Grondend én Goddelijk-


Diepgaande massages

Ik bied een helende sessie aan waarbij je kunt openstellen voor de Goddelijke energie die door je heen stroomt en de zwaartekracht die je vormt. Dit is belangrijk omdat het verzet tegen deze Goddelijke of Aardse energie zich uit in lichamelijke klachten en ziekte. 

Hier zijn wij ons nog vaak onbewust van. Ik kan je helpen bij die bewustwording door middel van een diepgaande massage die jouw fysieke lichaam verbindt met de geest.

Zo vormt zich een begrip van ware connectie die zich, voorbij filosofie, maar spiritueel en fysiek manifesteert. Het gaat om je zijn, je wezen, je pure essentie. Door dit bewustzijn zal heling plaatsvinden.

  • I was going through a very difficult pain through my back but caused by my weak core muscles and from a block on my solar plexus chakra. Lovely Zippi offered to give me a relaxation massage influenced with some energy work so I couldn't be happier than that. When I arrived the massage room was already energy cleaned and with beautiful little flowers all over the place. Zippi made me feel very comfortable and explained me things before going into massage mode.

    She did a very wide range of massages she learned through her travels and even some of them were very challenging for my body, she continued with love and gentleness. The whole experience was amazing and I had quite few massages in my life but that was beyond normal ones.
    Dimitris Brighter
  • Zippora brings the higher realms of spirit down to the physical. She tunes in through her intuition and lets her body work with the body of the receiver. 'It is healing collaboration', as she puts it.

    But words only touch the surface of what a massage with Zippora is like. I dearly invite you to go for the experience.

    And I thank you, Zippora, for sharing your gift so gracefully.
    Eva Lua
  • Really amazing and special treatment, I received from Zippora. I'm very glad to have taken time for myself and surrender under her hands. I felt very safe and the treatment was very healing. Thank you!
    Albert Solà Renart
  • I highly recommend a visit to Casa Soñadora! Zippora really does have the magic touch, and I have left her massages feeling totally relaxed and at ease. She has a nice and easygoing persona, which leaves you at ease, and her space is perfectly set up for you to let go and enjoy the experience. She is the consummate professional, and has a sixth sense for targeting the problem areas and releasing tension. Thoroughly recommended!
    Craig Waller